WOW! Can't really believe that I actually remenber my password! 

I thought I can't LOGIN since I forgot my password... haha..

Of coz I know there is such a thing called "reset password".. but I just dont feel like click it !! 

Okay, I'm weird i know!!!


Alright, this month has been a busy month for me, all the essays come tgt and I think I have at least one essay per week. Is tough I know, but this is what I have chosen, I guess I just have to try my best.

Honestly,is been 3 years i staying in UK, maybe not 3 years, but defnitely 2 years. I really LOVE my friends here, even feel sad that we might be seperate someday....I DONT DONT DONT DONT WANT THIS HAPPEN! 

Sometime I do feel homesick when I'm in UK, but sometime I miss UK when I'm in Malaysia, I guess human is the weird creature in the world.


That's for today.





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What i have been doing recently?

all i can say is life is boring!! erm... i means life in uk is quite boringXD

not saying that my uk friends is boring, i just try to say that there are no entertainments in this tiny little town.

some people asked me why u always come back to malaysia, why not go have a tour in UK?

i cant answered that, actually i wanted to yell at them, don't judge coz u r not me! u will never know what i have been thought, so just shout your mouth up. i didnt judge your life, u shouldn't too!

alright, back to the topic...

i'm keep asking me what i have been doing recently,

my life is going well just like i expected.

but somehow i feel anxious and vast as well

however, i learned lots of things in here.

learned how to be grateful for my life

learned how to be independent

learned to improve the relationship between my family n i, especially my mum.

and met lots of friends here, especially them.

i should be happy, right?

hope i will. 



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it's been a long time i didnt come here.... coz im not that interested in blogging.

but since no one is looking my blog, i can post whatever i like..wahaha..XDDD

i'm thinking to make this looks like a diary, try to record every single memory...hope i can

why i have this kind of idea?

i have been looking on my facebook, old album in my phone, even try to find a song that i recorded with my friends, but it turns out i couldn't find it at all.

Actually is quite sad and disspointed, coz i really miss those, even if it not a good memory for me, but still i want to keep it.

every scar makes ours lives, 

so i decided to record it down.



                                                                                                                                                                    BY J

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