WOW! Can't really believe that I actually remenber my password! 

I thought I can't LOGIN since I forgot my password... haha..

Of coz I know there is such a thing called "reset password".. but I just dont feel like click it !! 

Okay, I'm weird i know!!!


Alright, this month has been a busy month for me, all the essays come tgt and I think I have at least one essay per week. Is tough I know, but this is what I have chosen, I guess I just have to try my best.

Honestly,is been 3 years i staying in UK, maybe not 3 years, but defnitely 2 years. I really LOVE my friends here, even feel sad that we might be seperate someday....I DONT DONT DONT DONT WANT THIS HAPPEN! 

Sometime I do feel homesick when I'm in UK, but sometime I miss UK when I'm in Malaysia, I guess human is the weird creature in the world.


That's for today.





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